August - 17, September - 17, 2017
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August, 27 9:00 am
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Sometimes it seems that life has lost its brightness and become too predictable. Sometimes you do not have enough inspiration to make your loved ones happy, and it seems that nowhere to take a fresh breath of emotion. Follow the instructions on this psychological journey, and you are guaranteed to i...
August, 21 9:00 am
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My inventions continue! It is said too loudly, but interest in ASMRotica can even lead to this: anti-stress buttocks, mysterious sachets with jasper and coins, feathers and beads ... during sex. Janet with her new boyfriend and with me as an assistant experienced new triggers. ASMRotica Triggers du...
August, 17 9:00 am
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The first story is the beginning of the novel "Gamiani" (about the seductive and enigmatic French countess of the era of Louis 14), authored by Alfred De Musset, the famous French poet, playwright and prose writer of the first half of the 19th century. Only later, facts discovered by historians abou...